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Moldova Update #2

15064073_10154764813465152_1874622980_oGood morning!! I wanted to send out a quick update from our day yesterday!! We drove south to visit a guy named Yuri and his ministry. You may recognize him as oneĀ of the missionaries who received a motor bike recently! He has an amazing ministry to children and teens in his village as well as from neighboring villages. With the help of his church and his savings he was able to purchase an old dilapidated building. He has “renovated” a small portion of it and turned it into a “gym” and place for these kids to gather. It is a place they can come free of charge to workout and play ping pong. He opens it at night when he returns from his job at the railroad and before they begin using any of the equipment he leads them in bible study. On a good night there are anywhere from 40-50 kids here and 90% of them are unchurched. These children’s families would not be supportive of them going to an evangelical church. But, this place has become a church for many of them.
Rush and I were completely amazed by Yuri and his passion at reaching these “lost” children. It is obvious these kids really 15060305_10154764813435152_1234866796_orespect and look up to him. He and his wife as well as another couple, Andre and Liudmila, spend many evenings here pouring biblical truths into these kids. They have committed their lives to staying in Moldova to invest in the younger generations when many others their age from their village have moved away to other countries. A true calling from the Lord that they are being obedient to!

We spent a few minutes talking to these kids about our teenage years and some of the struggles we faced and the importance of living a life that reflects Christ in the midst of the many temptations they are faced with. We also shared about the importance of being a leader versus a follower. We left them each with a Bible to keep and prayed for the ministry and each of the students and families it impacts each week!

15101982_10154197495581849_1842740877_oAfter enjoying some chocolate and tea, Rush and Vitaly lifted weights and played ping pong with the boys while I spent some time talking to Andre’s wife, Liudmila. We left so encouraged about this ministry and the potential it has!! We are looking forward to opportunities in the future to raise funds to expand the space that could be used in this building! We also gave the wives of Andre and Yuri sewing machines in order to expand their ministry with the girls in the village as well as teach them a very practical skill for their future.




This is a picture of the part of the building
that has not been renovated yet. Our prayer
is to raise funds to renovate for more weight
lifting space, a place for the girls to learn sewing
skills, and a place for bible study.



We are about to head out to another village in the south today!! Thank you again for your continued prayers and support!!! We have certainly felt them!!! We cannot wait to return and share more stories and testimonies with you!!! What an incredible week it has been!!!

Much love, Rush and Tori Letson

Beyond the Vineyards
“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5